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¨By your side¨

Mirror decorated with Lapis-Lazuli

A.E DESIGN--12.webp
A.E DESIGN--12 bis 2.jpg

¨Nothing's gonna stop us now¨

Ornate mirror  amethyst

miroir entrée.webp
miroir entrée 8.webp


Miroir orné d'améthyste


¨Time for me to fly¨

Mirror adorned with labradorite, red jasper and bloodstone 3.webp 3 bis.webp

¨High Hopes¨

Ornate mirrors  amethyst

A.E DESIGN--16.webp
A.E DESIGN--16 bis.webp

¨Written in the stars¨

Mirror adorned with aragonite and herkimer diamond

Tres grand miroir vue de dessus 2.webp
Tres grand miroir 3.webp

¨The time is now¨

Mirror decorated with red jasper

Miroir rouge 1.webp
Miroir rouge 6.webp

to insanity

Mirror decorated with green aventurine

A.E DESIGN--8.webp
A.E DESIGN--8 bis.webp


Mirror decorated with malachite 6.webp 6 bis 5.webp


Mirror decorated with  mochaite jasper and yellow onyx 5.webp 5 bis 2.webp

¨I'll be around¨

Mirror decorated with black onyx

A.E DESIGN--2.webp
A.E DESIGN--2 bis 3.webp

¨Count your blessings¨

Mirror decorated with Lapis-Lazuli and labradorite 8.webp 8 bis 2.webp

¨Let the sunshine in¨

Mirror decorated with Lapis-Lazuli and mochaite jasper 4.webp 4 bis 3.webp

¨You're not alone¨

Mirror decorated with the 7 chakra stones

A.E DESIGN--6.webp
A.E DESIGN--6 bis.webp

¨Acqua dalla Luna¨

Mirror decorated with Labradorite and green agate

A.E DESIGN--7.webp
A.E DESIGN--7 bis 2.webp

¨Destinazione Paradiso¨

Mirror adorned with river stones engraved with virtuous words 7.webp 7 bis 2.webp
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