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Red jasper candle holder

Stone of protection

Red jasper:

It is renowned for its stimulating benefit linked to its bright red hue, it is a natural symbol of stability and strength. It is a mineral that allows to consolidate the relationship with one's own body and to achieve reconciliation with it. Jasper is directly linked to telluric energies and provides the vital energy necessary for the accomplishment of daily work. On a spiritual level, jasper is an element of water that allows purification and strengthening of the aura. Its use can gently stimulate energy production, to revitalize people with fatigue. It is also able to restore courage during difficult situations that we go through in life. It allows to have the mind more alert and lively, and stimulates the will to restore self-confidence, as well as the strength and courage to face the difficulties of life.

Candlestick; H 7 cm, diameter
7 cm

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