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¨By your side¨

Mirror adorned with 228 Lapis-Lazuli

Stone of harmony



Amethyst alleviates dependencies and addictions. It brings temperance and balances excesses of all kinds. It thus gives perspective to help you find the right balance.
This stone regulates and pacifies the relationship with authority and the hierarchy in general.

This unique stone helps to get rid of fears, heals migraines and brings calm against anger.

The virtues of amethyst are soothing and purifying. It evacuates stress, calms insomnia and promotes concentration and meditation and provides pleasant dreams and peaceful sleep.








Organic shape mirror of about 28 x 25 cm







Each piece is unique and is made by Aline Erbeia herself in her workshop.







Count a production time of about 8 weeks. (the deadline will be fixed definitively following your appointment).



Clean the part with a slightly damp soft cloth, you can also use a feather duster.

To pass between the stones you can gently use a cotton swab.

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