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Aline erbeia

Aline Erbeia has always been inhabited by the spirit
Creation. Full of imagination and enthusiasm,
drawing has been, since childhood, his main


Born in Geneva, Aline went to study interior architecture and design in London and Milan where she had the privilege of receiving a teaching led by many prestigious teachers, this wonderful atmosphere allowed her to imbue and develop a passionate spirit of research and conceptual quality.


Aline opened her agency in 2009 and undertook the realization of exceptional projects internationally, notably in Greece, Italy, Spain, France and Abu Dhabi.

Precious Energy

The creation of these unique objects in line with his values comes from a mixture of his two greatest passions; the design and the stones. Her passion for stones comes from the deep love she has always had for raw, unprocessed materials that remain authentic. Authenticity is a quality that she particularly appreciates: this form of freedom to be what we are, without artifice...

His intention was to create a new form of art object, pieces of character that mark us and leave a trace in our minds, timeless pieces of which we will never tire. The desire to share the energy of his stones with the world led him to found his emotional, distinctive and timeless brand of unique objects: “THE PRECIOUS ENERGY”.

Exceptional pieces:

Each object in its collections are unique pieces, as are the people who will own them, and are distinguished by the unpredictable and harmonious arrangement of a panel of semi-precious stones. Each arrangement of stones creates a form of its own.

Anxious to provide the perfect piece to accompany each interior, the designer makes it a point of honor to meet her customers for a 100% personalized order. It thus brings an aesthetic and unique element into your interior. These exceptional pieces are produced in limited series, numbered and signed.

A story of Energy:

Aline's creations, beyond being a sharing of her passions with the world, aim to bring beneficial and soothing energies to the heart of our habitats. Each individual is attracted by a stone and whether as a necklace or as an object, the stone diffuses its virtues. The stones have conductors that transmit to us energies emanating from heaven and earth. These energies combine with our environment and guide us towards well-being.

Aline creates and cares about each of her messages, leaving the workshop, each mirror is purified by a mixture of incense, sage and palo santo. During this ceremony, she adds her best intentions so that the object becomes a real talisman for its next buyer. “By restoring our PRECIOUS ENERGY we can open our minds and hearts and achieve inner balance and harmony. »

Inspirations and colors:

Aline's creations are imbued with feelings, memories and experiences. Travel also feeds his imagination and undeniably develops his attraction to nature and colors. She uses her stones as a paint palette and chooses them according to the message she carries.

Aline infuses unique messages into her creations, emitting powerful feelings. The idea of being able to invent a meaningful object fills her with wonder. She thus plays with stones and their different shades, but also with their unpredictable and organic shapes that make these mirrors and objects captivating. Each stone has an unpredictable shape and a unique energy. All its collections are inspired by  the creative harmony which, as in nature, produces  shapes whose beauty is rare, unique and precious.

Aline Erbeia, precious energy, cristaux et pierre semi précieuse, art et décoration
Aline Erbeia, precious energy, cristaux et pierre semi précieuse, art et décoration
Aline Erbeia, precious energy, cristaux et pierre semi précieuse, art et décoration
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