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Aline Erbeia, precious energy, cristaux et pierre semi précieuse, art et décoration


Mirrored candle holder
decorated with Lava Stone

Stone of courage


Lava stone:

Although issued from the low rumbling of the bowels of the earth, it is a beneficial, joyful mineral formation to be used for appeasement. Its rough appearance contrasts with the softness, the warmth it contains. It positively influences the person who possesses it, giving him courage, self-confidence, strength. Coming from the matrix of the world, it carries with it rebirth, novelty, change. The fire power it contains is converted into positive power, its natural magnetism helps to overcome the difficulties of everyday life. This mineral formation is also an ally for psychological reconstruction which brings strength to overcome trauma, hidden blockages, negative and excessive emotions. This mineral has a great effect on anger, frustration, irritability. It is also a medium of the unconscious par excellence which leads to self-knowledge.

23cm diameter mirrored candle holder

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