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¨By your side¨

Mirror adorned with 228 Lapis-Lazuli

Stone of harmony



The fluorite stone is very protective for the psychic. It provides intellectual clarity and ease of concentration.

It blurs disorder and instability.

It helps to detoxify emotional overflows. It is a precious help for those who want to free themselves from psychological blockages, feelings of stagnation and inertia.

It helps to cast off the moorings. It is an ideal stone for meditation because it brings serenity and calm. It acts on the aura by stabilizing and purifying it.

It boosts self-confidence and intellectual dexterity.



Organic shape mirror of about 28 x 25 cm







Each piece is unique and is made by Aline Erbeia herself in her workshop.







Count a production time of about 8 weeks. (the deadline will be fixed definitively following your appointment).



Clean the part with a slightly damp soft cloth, you can also use a feather duster.

To pass between the stones you can gently use a cotton swab.

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