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¨By your side¨

Mirror adorned with 228 Lapis-Lazuli

Stone of harmony


Dalmatian Jasper:

Dalmatian Jasper balances and harmonizes Yin and Yang energies. Thus it soothes people who are anxious or under stress.

It is a benevolent stone which helps to adopt a good state of mind, joyful and smiling. It helps to overcome obstacles and to climb the slope after difficult events such as a breakup or a dismissal.

The white stone speckled with black stimulates imagination, creativity and concentration. It is recommended for artists, writers or entrepreneurs.


black onyx:


Onyx is a grounding stone. It helps to anchor oneself in the present moment and provides great driving stability, especially for people with an inconstant or moody character.

The black mineral has the power to grant strength and determination to its wearer. It helps to overcome difficult times and stressful situations with a steely mind.

The dark stone strengthens self-control and self-esteem. It improves the sense of responsibility and helps to make quick and fair decisions.

Black onyx has the property of warding off bad memories, traumatic events of the past and alleviating worries to project oneself into a bright future.




Organic shape mirror of about 28 x 25 cm







Each piece is unique and is made by Aline Erbeia herself in her workshop.







Count a production time of about 8 weeks. (the deadline will be fixed definitively following your appointment).



Clean the part with a slightly damp soft cloth, you can also use a feather duster.

To pass between the stones you can gently use a cotton swab.

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