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Mirror adorned with 144 Mochaite Jaspers and 33 Yellow Onyx

Stone of Good Fortune and Vigor



Yellow onyx:


Grounding stone, it helps in the treatment of dysfunctions of the root chakra. It anchors fickle people in a more stable way of life and helps self-control, self-control. Gives strength, and support in difficult situations and during times of immense mental or physical stress. It allows us to find a solution during an upheaval in our life, whether positive or negative. It also allows you to take control of your future.

Mochaite Jasper:


It purifies and protects against negative energies and brings appeasement. This will allow you to face the trials and unforeseen difficulties of life. You will thus have the impression of having control over events and of being able to control the negative emotions which will invade you. It is ideal for calming overly intense feelings and giving you the strength to channel them. It promotes human rapprochement so that conflicting or special situations come to an end quickly. Mochaite also brings courage, self-confidence and determination. It invites introspection to be able to access a better self-knowledge.








Mirror Height 80 cm, Width 40 cm. Brass shelf.






Each piece is unique and is made by Aline Erbeia herself in her workshop.







Count a production time of about 8 weeks. (the deadline will be fixed definitively following your appointment)



Clean the part with a slightly damp soft cloth, you can also use a feather duster.

To pass between the stones you can gently use a cotton swab.

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